Our Financial Planning Process

Managing Your Assets with Experience, Expertise, and Dedication to Your Success

How much do you plan to spend on an annual basis? How do you create a plan to retire comfortably without the worry of outliving your savings?

At the Retirement & Investment Group, our team is committed to assisting each client in determining their own answers to these questions. We continuously work to help hundreds of individuals and families map out a plan to help ensure confidence in their future.

We start with a projection based on the financial information you provide. We talk about your lifestyle, hopes, dreams, and realities.  We then use this information to develop an investment strategy designed to take the lowest level of risk necessary to meet your retirement goals.

What can you expect when you invite our team to help design your short or long-term financial goals? Here is a brief overview of our process:

Getting Acquainted

Our first contact is simply an opportunity for us to get to know each other. This is a time for you to ask questions about us and to share your thoughts on what you’d like to achieve. In turn, we’ll introduce you to our financial planning philosophy and process.

Understanding Your Needs

To get a clear picture of your current situation, we’ll ask you to share information about yourself. To help you provide this information in the most efficient manner, we’ve created a checklist of information helpful for creating a financial plan. During this process, we may contact you to clarify or expand upon the information you’ve provided. As with all communications with Retirement & Investment Group, any information provided is kept completely confidential.

Designing a Plan

When we meet with you in person, we will discuss your situation with you in greater detail and present you with your personalized planning binder. The most important part of this binder is a series of working documents that we will use to confirm your goals and concerns, adjust our assessment of the information you have provided as necessary, and form the framework for your financial plan. Your personalized binder also includes a general outline of our philosophies, legal and regulatory information, the fees involved with moving forward with your financial plan, and an overview of our investment process, and recommendations.

Implementing, Monitoring, and Managing Your Plan

After we have presented your plan, and gotten your feedback, we’ll work together to put it into action. From that point on, financial planning is an ongoing process, reflecting the evolution of your own personal journey and financial situation. We’ll not only follow your investments, but monitor all aspects of your plan to ensure that it is on track while adapting the plan to your changing circumstances over the years. Because we adhere to a long-term investment approach to financial planning, we will monitor your plan through market volatility and downturns while helping you pursue your goals. If we feel a change is justified, we’ll make specific recommendations to adjust your plan.

Your plan is not a static document; it is a living guideline that will grow and change as your needs and goals evolve. And we will be right there with you to continue refining it to reflect your changing priorities.

Helpful Suggestions for Your Retirement Planning

Things to do:

  • update your will, medical and legal powers of attorney, advance directives,
    trusts, and beneficiaries
  • review your life and health insurance policies
  • review your long-term care policy
  • set aside a “rainy day” fund
  • review pension and social security distribution options
  • create retirement, distribution and cash flow analyses
  • allocate assets to manage risk and distribute income*
  • track your true after-tax expenses
  • decide on the retirement lifestyle you want
  • consider downsizing versus remaining in your current home
  • budget for possible health care costs
  • review Medicare and Medigap options

*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss

Steps to avoid common errors:

  • allow plenty of leeway in estimating life expectancy
  • calculate generous health care estimates for unexpected or long-term
    catastrophic illness
  • base your projected living expenses on a realistic cash flow plan
  • plan for high inflation when projecting future living expenses.
  • use Social Security Administration statements to correctly estimate your
    Social Security income replacement

We Can Help You with Medicare Options

We have a dedicated life insurance agent who specializes in Medicare products, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. She has been selling Medicare products for over ten years and has helped thousands of people navigate the many options available across all types of Medicare products. Her mission is to understand the specific needs of each of her clients to find the right Medicare plan that is best for the client. She is also familiar with group retiree coverage and can help clients decide whether remaining in a group retiree plan or purchasing an individual Medicare plan is the best option.

Please contact us today so we can learn more about your situation and see if our agent can assist you with your needs.

She is an independent life insurance agent and is not affiliated with Retirement & Investment Group, LLC or LPL Financial.

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